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Fly Punk - Issue 4

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Fly Punk - No tweed, wicker baskets or trousers tucked into socks. Just a free digital magazine aimed at the fly fishing punk ... Read on and join the party ...


Fly Fishing the Royal Way I learned to fly fish before I can remember. It all happened by spending the summers in the wilderness with our family. Just by doing and enjoying. Testing, learning, casting, catching and falling in love with fly fishing in the unbelievable places around Finland and Scandinavia. I think that is the Royal Way to learn fly fishing, and I’m so thankful for getting that experience as a youngster. If you don’t have the opportunity to go together with someone who lowers the entry barrier. Or if you and your fishing pals don’t have knowledge where to go for some seriously awesome fishing. Then I have cool news for you. I want to give you the same opportunity that I’ve had, and that’s why I started The point being calm, fun, relaxed, nature, fresh, enjoy, outdoors, breath, listen, cast, maybe catch and just live. Of course I want to be better at what I do. And of course I want to improve. But I feel that I have such a strong urge to say: That the skill, and the knowledge, they are not the main thing. Living is. And fishing is. Call of the wilderness I love fly fishing , especially in the wilderness, with no schedules, no electronic devices, no time restrains and no rules (except the local fishing regulations obviously). My favorite type of fly fishing is somewhere in the north where there is no roads. You get to walk and carry all your stuff to the wilderness. It just purely puts things into perspective when you see the river 10 kilometers ahead. And it will take you the exact time that your own feet will take to carry you there. And the calm thoughts when you just walk and walk. Besides distance, also time works very different than it does in the city. You wake up. You might do a bit of fishing. You might lie on the ground and look at the clouds and listen to the sound of the river. Or you might sleep in. Maybe it’s raining. You hear the sound of the rain drops. What a luxury. You feel like you can really breathe. Fly fishing has brought so much awesome into my life. That’s why I want to lower the entry barrier and show you how much fun fly fishing is! And Kajana Club – Fly Fishing Community is just that. I have plenty of free recourses, videos and a Mini Academy for you if you want to learn the fly fishing basics. You’ll find free Mini Academy for beginners here: flyfishingminiacademy/ Full-time fly fishing For me fly fishing has been a fun family thing since I can remember. Nothing too serious. At 2008 something major changed. I went to a fly fishing trip alone in South-Africa. That was a game changer. I wanted to write about fly fishing and see my pictures and stories in magazines in full color. And I wanted to tell others how much fun fly fishing is. Considering I had a dyslexia as a school kid and that I never was into cameras at all, nor was I ever very good at fly fishing itself, this might not be the first thing you would suspect from me. But five years after my first magazine article, I started my own company as a fly fishing blogger, author and a fly-fishing-online-entrepreneur. I have written for publications for over 8 years now, also abroad, and my first book Hulahula Fly Fishing is published on Amazon. How to land your dream fly fishing job? You want to start that online tackle shop. You want to get more clients for your accommodation business to book the whole fishing season. or, you want to monetize your fishing pictures and videos. What you really want is to reach more people and transfer them into paying customers. And for that you need marketing that works. In my opinion that means consistent content that your client wants to see. Creating that content consistently is a key to transferring followers into paying clients. One principle that I have found useful for me over the years is setting routines. That ensures the content gets created despite if I feel like it or not. Content structure to ease the pain of empty paper your relationship. I prefer slowly building an audience that cares, rather than quickly reaching people that don’t care. A great tool for me is something I’ve named the Power15. That means commitment to spending 15 minutes a day on social media connecting and hanging-out with my awesome online fisher-friends. And I actually even set a timer for that. It has made a big difference in my online marketing. If you are serious about building that dream fly fishing business, go ahead and give those things a try. I know you want that result for your business and for your future! And I have the same problem than you do, than almost everybody does. That is – consistency is the most difficult part. To be able to work with such passionhobby like fly fishing, my opinion is that it’s not about fly fishing talent. At least not totally. It’s more about marketing. If you dream of making money from your passion, let me give you my opinion how to build that life. You have that dream in your head, don’t you? Maybe it’s not crystal clear, but it’s there! You want your own guiding business. For example for my vlog episodes, which are now the core content of my marketing, I have a specific structure. So even if I’m in the river and fishing is totally crappy or I’m super tired, I still get something done, when I follow my structure. Same applies to producing fly fishing blog posts or magazine articles. Depth in social media marketing Another tip relates on distributing your content. My follower numbers are small. But what I’ve learned is that it’s not about the size of the audience. But the depth of Luckily I have something awesome for you here to help you with that. That’s Content Factory – A Support Group for Small Business Internet Marketing. It’s a group of fishing and outdoors enthusiasts who are building their passion into a full-time income for themselves. In Content Factory you get your online marketing activities done consistently to reach more people and transfer them into paying customers. If that sounds like what you would need, you’re welcome to check it out here: http:// 8 | 9

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