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Fly Punk - Issue 4

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Fly Punk - No tweed, wicker baskets or trousers tucked into socks. Just a free digital magazine aimed at the fly fishing punk ... Read on and join the party ...

F ly fishing has taken

F ly fishing has taken me too so many places Ive fished from all over the east coast of Australia to Vancouver Island Canada. But as I’ve grown up, married and now two beautiful children later, I’ve come to notice that my time fishing is now minimal. So I’ve worked hard to maximise my fishing time to become just as successful in a short amount of time. But the last 3 and a half years I’ve also been teaching my son Nicholas about the world of fishing and of course fly fishing. The idea of taking my boy fishing started back in Australia when I knew the fishing was good and I wasn’t able to go because I was watching my son while my wife was working. So I decided to put Nicholas in the chest carrier and see how I would go on the beaches fishing for flathead and bream. Well to my surprise it worked well. Since that day Nicholas and I have had many fishing adventures and he has been either strapped to my chest, in a backpack or hiking small, local streams. I was fortunate to have the same upbringing as Nicholas, a Dad that was mad about fishing. My dad took us kids on the boat at 6 months old and we never looked back. So many fishing trips I remember fishing with my dad and now I want to instil that same adventure in my son. Now my son is harassing me to go fishing and his little sister isn’t far behind either, something I don’t mind at all. I try to take my kids on lots of adventures and have found that they love the outdoors as much as I do. Nicholas is now 3 and a half years old and he’s running and talking about fishing he’s really intrigued with the idea of fishing. Sunday is our day to tie flies, he watches me while playing with feathers and checks out all the fly tying tools, he has also tried tying a few patterns and he enjoys it. This spring is really going to be special for us I’ve just finished building a small boat with my dad and Nicholas over the last winter. A three generation boat build. This boat will allow Nicholas to walk around and explore as well as being my net man. We have fished many times together out of a small boat but his curiosity has always made fishing difficult. Trolling the lakes with a sinking line and fly is a great way to introducing him into fly fishing. For him holding that rod and waiting for that tug is a real buzz. He can set the hook and can reel the fish in with no complications. There is no better feeling than seeing that smile on his face when he hooks up. When Nicholas was still in the backpack I used to hook the fish and let him reel it in. Him seeing and feeling the fish in his hands really gets him excited. The day this article was supposed to go in I decided to take Nicholas in the finished boat and go explore a new lake that I hadn’t fished yet. Always a challenge with kids because you don’t know how the fishing is going to go and what the water is like. Well we launched the 12 footer started the motor and went exploring. The wind was up a bit which made it difficult to troll a nice line. So the first challenge was try to find some fish and then troll in such a way that the wind wasn’t going to affect us. Well all hell broke loose we had lines over each other and we were trolling sidewards. But this didn’t stop us I decided to motor over to a small cove out of the wind and hopefully find some shelter from the weather. It was a little calmer and once we had the lines out ,”we we’re on” a nice 16 inch Cutthroat trout. I had Nicholas netting the fish as I was steering the minn kota with my knee and trying to stay calm while the light wind was pushing us around. I found steering into the wind and away from shore saved us. The second fish Nicholas wrestled in on the 5Wt. glass rod. He handled it like a pro listening to my commands and steering the fish while lifting the rod high so I could get the fish in the net. Nicholas admired his catch in the net and then let it go. We kept trolling the same spot because it was producing and was an easy troll. There was some large sunken trees that seemed to keep the trout in great cover but every pass another fish fell victim to our fly and in the end we landed a total of four fish. 2 cutthroat and 2 rainbows, after that Nicholas had enough and was getting cold. I figured after an hour and a half I had to be thankful that Nicholas lasted as long as he did and enjoyed himself. You have to take the good with the bad when it comes to fishing with kids. If they’re miserable you might as well go in. I try to keep it exciting for Nicholas so he doesn’t get bored. Theres always something to play with on the boat and if you keep the fish coming thats a huge bonus for kids. I figure I need to put in as much time as I can before he goes off to school. In the end its about the kids, start them young and instil in them the tools for life. @adventurestarts FATHERHOOD AND FLYFISHING ― jack van delft ― 18 | 19

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