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Fly Punk - Issue 3

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Fly Punk - No tweed, wicker baskets or trousers tucked into socks. Just a free digital magazine aimed at the fly fishing punk ... Read on and join the party ...


THOSE WHO WANDER ARE NOT ALWAYS LOST ― Lee McSween ― L iving on an island in the middle of the Irish Sea is where I grew up. Inundated by Viking mythology the Isle of Man was a place mainly for farming and stories about sea gods that surrounded the tiny rock in shrouds of mist to protect itself from visiting enemies. I started my fishing at the young age of 6 when all I had was a rod as thick as a straw and some split shots with sand worm for bait. Fishing off rugged shore lines with endless beaches and piers I was always trying to catch one of the monsters that you’d heard the stories of when you were a child. At the tender age of 13 my biggest fish stood me proud at a massive 3lb 10oz Coalfish and from that moment on I knew all I wanted was to bank something over that magic mark but little did I know it would take me 20 long years of trying to make this come true. I picked up the fly rod and I began at 17 to learn how to cast after watching various TV programmes and ordering books from the UK to show me how it was done. Eventually after mastering the “roll cast” and hooking myself umpteen times in the head and legs I realised that fly fishing had my heart more than the sea. It took me a few years of mistakes, swearing and patience to learn how to fly fish to a standard I was proud of. I will never forget the days of starting out with a gold head buzzer with some mad knot I’d created and trying to work out how you actually fitted the braided loop but all this taught me was that there was so much to learn and I was eager to beat that record using my fly rod. I’d caught lots of trout over the years ranging in various weights (and losing some monsters) but still that 3lb 10oz was eluding me and it was killing me inside knowing that there was so many monsters out in the world but none of them were accessible to me. I went on a holiday to Thailand a few years later and begged my other half to have my traditional “one day fishing”. I arrived at the fishery and within minutes I was staring at a guy standing in the water with a Siamese Carp that looked like a baby whale! Touching the scales at just over the 100lb mark I was astonished that things like this could come from a lake in the middle of tropical surroundings, only 25 minutes from a beach where I’d ridden an elephant and played with a baby tiger. I beat my record that day with Siamese carp up to 60lbs and several other species over the 30lb mark and to me this was the start of a new love……Thailand! After becoming obsessed with “River Monsters” and watching Jeremy Wade catch things with teeth bigger than Jaws, it was decided and I went back to Thailand to try catch one species in particular, the Arapaima. Two further visits to Thailand and this fish had evaded me like the 3lb 10oz Coalfish had over the last few years. I began to think to myself what do I need to do to catch this fish and after a conversation with my avid fly fishing friend Darren Hunt, we both come to the idea that the fish must see bait and pellets in front of their noses daily, the only way to catch these leviathans was on a fly. The idea sunk in and then the planning started; for the reel and rod that would take something up to 400lb of sheer muscle with a head like a brick; and to top it off……bullet proof scales. I went for a 12 weight Fox travel rod and a Orvis V Hydros reel with a very accessible adjustable drag for the obvious reasons of liking my fingers to stay attached to my hand. 6 | 7

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