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Fly Punk - Issue 2

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Fly Punk - No tweed, wicker baskets or trousers tucked into socks. Just a free digital magazine aimed at the fly fishing punk ... Read on and join the party ...

looks like this - Dries

looks like this - Dries - • Tail & Hackle Dry • Royal Wulf • From Beetle • Blow Fly • DCD Emerge Nymphs - • Bead Head Pheasant Tail • Hare & Copper • Simons Ugly • Green Stone Fly • Damsel Fly Nymph With these flies and the right presentation, you should catch 90% of the fishing that didn't see you coming! If I could add just one more thing it would be that smaller is better than bigger. So, we are talking 14 - 16 and the normal. Except for backcountry southland. The stoneflies there will bite a hole in your wading boots! Getting Around NZ is designed for travellers - it always has been. So finding a place to stay is as easy as finding a town or if you're of the camping varity, you can pitch a tent almost anywhere. Kiwi people are a very friendly bunch and in no time, you’ll probably be staying in someone’s spare room if you’re that way inclined. But other than that, there is accommodation for Africa so don't worry too much about your digs. You can Rent-a-Bomb type car in heaps of place if you only intend on using it for A to B work. There really is no need to get a flash car. And a 4x4 is totally out of the question because you’re not allowed to take them off road anyway! Camper vans or RV’s are ‘ok’ but can be a real pain in the ass to get around in. But they have advantages such as no need for accom! Food is not cheap but beer is … that’s a win in my book. Also, fuel might as well be liquid gold it so expensive, so try not to run around like an idiot. Do some research and find a place to fish for the whole time your here. Trust me. I’ve been ‘that idiot’ before and blown a lot of cash…there might have been some beer involved?! Other Bits FISHING LICENCE!!! You need one. You can get them online before you go and I highly recommend it. The Fish & Game officers are very mobile and very good at catching people without one. They will fine you first time no question. Don't think for one second you can get away with it because you’ll end up spending good beer money on a stupid fine. They don’t F#%k around! Seasons The two months before Christmas are notoriously windy but the fish are much fresher and less pestered now - a good casters paradise! After Christmas, the wind settles and the terrestrials kick into gear. Cicada’s are one of the major food sources from Feb to Apr. Keep in mind they’re a small model - about a size 8 or 10. Wash Up Like with most fishing articles there’s always someone better suited to pen it out. I’m a travelling expat Australian now living in Central Otago, New Zealand. I’ve done my time here as a traveller since 1994. The bits and pieces above are only what have worked for me. Don’t over think it. Don't over dress it. Don't over pack and don't strike too early. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that define us. Like fly fishing. Contact Details: https://www.instagram. com/adamroyter Be in one spot more and less everywhere. It makes sense to learn about the fish in a destination rather than grasp at straws hoping to find easy time. Time is what you don't have. Use it wisely! The Fish To me, one of the most amazing things about this place is that if it’s freshwater and relatively clean, there will be trout in it. From a road side culvet to an ornamental lake in a park. Rivers, lake, canals, dams, stream and creeks. Trout, trout and more trout! The two main players in this neck of the woods are brown and rainbow trout but you also can tangle with kokanee sockeye, king salmon and a small amount of brook trout. The South Island is a renowned brown trout fishery but don't let that stop you from putting the brakes on a rampaging rainbow. Yes, browns have a slightly stronger hold on the south and the reason is probably both geographic and environmental. But don't be surprised to see them swimming side by side. Gear The water is clearer in more of the waterways than most other places you’re likely to fish in your life. Being this the case, some simple tactics can be employed to help you increase your catch rates. Learn to cast accurately. This is the most important thing you can do. From zero line to 40 feet with as minimal number of false casts possible and it needs to be on the money. If you can do this every time, every cast - then look out trout! Next would be your leader. Keeping your fly line away from the trout is important so a standard of 14 feet for a leader is not uncommon. A 10’ knotless leaders in 3X with 4 foot of 5X tied to the end is a good start. People will also try to tell you that your clothes need to be drab and earthy in colour but to be honest, movement is far more important than the colour of your strides! What I’ve found is you need to keep it broken up. Don't wear all the same colour clothes. A red T-shirt, blue cap, grey buff blah, blah, blah. That sort of thing! Small and different will break you up into the backdrop rather than one big blob of something. Insect repellent. You need it or you will die. The end. Seriously though, the sandflies (no-see-ems) are out of this world in some places. Don’t go anywhere without it. Waders are not needed. As a matter of fact, if you’re coming in the summer time (and quite frankly why would you come any other time) it’s easier, more convenient and much more comfortable to wear thermal pants and shorts. Wading boots are still a good idea though. Keeping in mind that felt sole wading boots are illegal in NZ. Plus, you’ll have the border security up your bum on the way home if your stuff is still wet. Which it is, because you were fishing 3 hours before you got on the plane! Weather The weather is a factor but you can always find clear water somewhere. Lakes for instance are a go to if it pisses with rain. Because of the nature of most of the rivers here, the high, dirty water doesn’t last long. Twentyfour to forty-eight hours and the river will be mint again! Expect wind! Learn to cast into it with accuracy. The wind however does offer some advantages with regards to getting closer to the fish. You can generally close the gap to 20 or so feet with a stiff 25 knot northerly blowing. Some of the best fishing you can have is when the elements are against you. Learn to deal with them and stay on the game and on the water. Flies Flies are one of the most talked about and considered elements of fly fishing. Truth be told, your presentation is much more important. The basic 5 dry and 5 nymph combos 10 | 10

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