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Fly Punk - Issue 1

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Fly Punk - No tweed, wicker baskets or trousers tucked into socks. Just a free digital magazine aimed at the fly fishing punk ... Read on and join the party ...

WHY DO YOU From one

WHY DO YOU From one fisherman to another, the pure reasons why I love fly fishing. From the friends you make along the way to the long drives you make to go meet some more. A lot of people are asking me the same question. "Why do you love fly-fishing so much? " The answer to this question might vary from one fisherman to another... As it's kind of difficult to describe, but for me it is the whole package! fish we start casting, and the waiting game begins. Words can't describe the feeling when the fish takes "your fly" among all the others that are floating past. You’ve won. You’ve broken the system. You’ve tricked Mother Nature! LOVE FISHING 18 | 19 SO MUCH? ― Axel Hirai― I'm in a group with ten guys with the same passion for fly-fishing. We call ourselves "Dryflyliving" After 5 hours of driving we're finally there. The view is breathtaking. There are no noises to be heard, no stressed out people buzzing around, nor any of the familiar hubbub found in the city we departed from just hours earlier. We are surrounded by the woods, mountains and water. The tranquility comes upon us... We are all geared up and we ready to go! After some time with scouting for insects and jumping Contact: instagram @axeldh The fight is on! And the sound of the fish that rages out with your fly line causes your heartbeat to accelerate. For me fly-fishing is not only about catching the fish, but also about releasing it back into the wild – Give and take. The moment when you unhook the fish and gently put it back into the water, seeing that it's free again... that makes me happy! And that makes fly fishing one of my bigger passions in life.

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